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Connecting user insights to an architectural concept for an ALS retreat

  • Challenge

    Bernard Muller, a successful businessman from Rotterdam and ALS patient himself, has the dream to develop a retreat for ALS patients in the residence of Willemstad in the south of The Netherlands. Bernard’s ambition was to create an ultimate place for ALS patients for a weekend or midweek stay with their family and friends.

  • Solution

    Think+DO was asked to conduct user research with ALS patients and to do expert interviews with healthcare providers, ALS specialists and the ALS Foundation. Persona’s, customer journey, the Big Idea and design principles were created based on the gathered user insights. This resulted in both the architectural concept and direction for the service concept of this ALS retreat.

  • Result

    Clear user insights and approved architectural concept. The business plans for this ALS retreat were further developed based on these outputs.

    note: in 2017 it became clear that financial support and expected revenues were insufficient to realise this ALS retreat.

This project is done together with ODM Architecten and Bureau Wiegel