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Taking the brand to a next step

  • Challenge

    Define a new set of brand values that fits better the current and future state of NewMotion and gives the NewMotion brand also a more emotional edge. Alignment and understanding of the commonalities and differences between the different European countries in which NewMotion operates.

  • Solution

    Think+DO prepared and conducted two workshop sessions together with Femke de Jong of The Young Strategy for the NewMotion management team. During these sessions was defined which current brand values needed to be kept and which new ones to be incorporated.

    Think+Do developed a new brand proposition statement and the tagline 'Charge Smart'. Also design principles were developed by Think+DO to revamp the NewMotion brand identity.

    In a next step Think+DO prepared and conducted a workshop with the NewMotion European marketing team. This with the objective to give each country a better understanding of the differences and commonalities of each market context. This to define which marketing tools preferably should to be used to attract new customers.

  • Result

    New set of brand values, new tagline, brand name adaptation and a revamped brand identity. Insight on commonalities and differences per country as input for the NewMotion pan European marketing strategy.


This project is done together with Femke de Jong of The Young Strategy